Our Team

It takes a lot of fun people to make the kind of type that we require for Fun Times in Toronto. Here are the people responsible for bringing amazing events to you!
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Chief Smiles Officer

For the past 15 years Michael has been involved in putting on events in both his professional and personal life. A regular visitor to Las Vegas, Michael found his calling in creating hilarious adventures that made people laugh out loud after getting a busload of strangers on the Deuce transit bus to sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough at 4am on the strip. He later organized a game of blackjack with his seat mates across 2 rows of the airplane on the flight back to Toronto. Michael is involved in all aspects of Fun Times in Toronto from developing new events, to setting our strategic direction (usually it’s west), and new marketing and promotional opportunities.
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Minister of Crazy Adventures

Justin enjoys greeting the members of his latest event and can usually be found at a party toting around a digital SLR camera and finding the next great picture of our events. Some of Justin’s largest events include Nuit Blanche, movie nights and art gallery and museum displays. Justin is also an avid contributor to our Google Plus and Facebook page… He also promotes his entrapreneur website on his own Facebook pages.

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